Distributors face opportunities and challenges unique to the industry and are subject to continuous changes in regulations and consolidation. At Christopoulos Dickens, we stay ahead of these developments to provide clients with informed legal counsel, tailored to the specific needs of the ever-evolving legal landscape for distributors.

Beer, wine and spirits distributors count on CD to provide:

  • Regulatory & Trade Practice Counseling: We guide distributors through the maze of federal, state and local regulations and provide structured guidance related to marketing and promotional strategies to offer compliant and effective trade practices that set clients up for success in the marketplace.
  • Distribution Agreement Assistance: Crafting impeccable distribution agreements is an art, and our skilled team collaborates closely with clients to negotiate and draft arrangements that protect their interests. From defining territories and pricing structures to establishing favorable termination clauses, we create contracts that lay the foundation for mutually beneficial supplier-distributor relationships.
  • Licensing & Compliance Guidance: Obtaining and maintaining federal permits and state licenses is a crucial facet of beverage alcohol operations. We prosecute the permitting and licensing process, including applications, renewals and office and owner changes, enabling clients to navigate the landscape of regulations with confidence.
  • Innovative Litigation Strategies: Should disputes arise, our team brings a wealth of experience in resolving contract disputes, termination matters and enforcement matters, both in federal and state courts, while strategizing to protect client rights and interests.
  • Live Music, Sports & Entertainment Venue Sponsorships: Our team is dedicated to helping clients leverage the power of sponsorship agreements to expand brand presence. We excel in negotiating sponsorship agreements which align with laws governing the promotion and advertising of alcoholic beverages.
  • Sale of Brand or Distributorship: We have extensive experience in brand acquistions and sales as well as mergers and acquisitions for distributors, importers and other industry members.