The Christopoulos Dickens team is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other retailers in the industry, including music venues, concessionaires, department stores and more.

With a deep understanding of the challenges and boundless opportunities that define this dynamic sector, we are unwavering partners in protecting our clients’ business interests by providing:

  • Licensing Guidance: Acquiring and maintaining food, alcohol beverage and other regulated licenses is pivotal for our clients’ businesses. We handle and oversee the entire licensing process, including:
    • Preparing and filing of all necessary applications and relevant application materials
    • Appearing before local liquor commissions
    • Conducting meetings with local government officials and community groups
    • Communicating with local and state agencies until license issuance
    • Renewing license applications, local and state
  • Regulatory & Trade Practice Counseling: CD attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of the complex regulations that govern the retail sales of food and alcoholic beverages and compliance as well as the those that govern the promotion and advertising of alcoholic beverages. Whether its questions relating to happy hour regulations, food and drink packages, discount pricing, marketing or potential tied house concerns, CD provides skilled counseling on all levels. We are also dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with local and state regulators around the country.
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution: In a sector as vibrant as this, disputes may occasionally simmer. When they arise, we leverage our extensive experience to quell legal complexities, whether they involve contract disputes, partnership disputes, lease disputes, regulatory challenges as well as violation and enforcement matters.
  • Acquisitions & Sales: CD has a keen understanding of the unique needs of our retailer clients when it comes to selling their businesses or acquiring existing businesses.  We help navigate negotiations, draft purchase, sale and management agreements, review due diligence, advise on risk analysis and work to minimize disruptions to licensure and business operations during the transitional period.