Christopoulos Dickens ensures all aspects of music, sports and entertainment venue sponsorship arrangements adhere to legal regulations, protecting the interests of the parties involved and maintaining the reputation of the venue.

The CD team plays a crucial role in facilitating successful and legally compliant alcohol sponsorships for venues including:

  • Ensuring the sponsorship arrangement complies with federal, state and local laws governing the sale, distribution and advertising of alcoholic beverages.
  • Navigating complex licensing requirements and regulatory restrictions related to alcohol sales and consumption.
  • Negotiating and drafting sponsorship agreements that outline the terms, conditions and obligations of both the venue and the alcohol brand.
  • Obtaining the necessary alcohol licenses and permits to sell and serve alcoholic beverages during events.
  • Managing branding and promotional materials to ensure they meet legal standards and accurately represent the alcohol brand.
  • Establishing responsible alcohol service practices.
  • In the event of disputes or breaches of the sponsorship agreement, providing legal representation and assistance in resolving conflicts between the venue and the alcohol brand.