Licensing and compliance are paramount to manufacturers, importers, owners, distributors and retailers alike, and Christopoulos Dickens plays a pivotal role in ensuring businesses navigate the landscape successfully.

We serve as trusted advisors and help businesses navigate the complex regulatory environment, upholding their legal standing and enabling them to operate successfully while adhering to all applicable laws. Our team assists clients by:

  • Obtaining and maintaining licenses, including federal, state and local licenses required for manufacturing, importing, distributing and selling alcoholic beverages.
  • Guiding businesses through the license application process, which often involves detailed documentation, financial disclosures, background checks and adherence to specific compliance regulations.
  • Assisting clients in navigating the legal intricacies involved in the transfer, purchase and sale of food, alcohol, hotel and entertainment related licenses due to changes in ownership, mergers, acquisitions or other corporate restructurings.
  • Providing legal representation and advocacy if clients are faced with enforcement actions or violations.